Liturgical Ministries

  • Sunday Eucharist is a high priority in the life of the parish community since it is the only time that many parishioners come into formal contact with the church as a church. Ensuring that the Sunday Eucharist is and remains the focal point of our community demands a commitment of time, energy and resources from all, for it is here that we come to celebrate our lives of faith; it is here where our mission receives its meaning.
  • Liturgical ministers serve in various ways at Mass.  Initial training and on-going formation are provided.
  • Our Altar Servers are children who have made their First Communion, youth, and adults. They serve weekend Masses and/or Funerals during the week.
  • Greeters welcome people as they enter the church for weekend and/or special liturgies.
  • The lectors proclaim the Scripture readings during weekend and/or daily Masses.
  • Ministers of Communion assist the priest in distributing Communion at weekend and weekday Masses and/or to homebound parishioners on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  Ministers must be in good standing with the Catholic Church and meet diocesan requirements.
  • The music ministers, under the direction of the music director, sing in the choir, serve as leaders in song (cantors), and/or play musical instruments on special feasts.  Attendance at scheduled rehearsals is required.
  • The ushers assist with collections and straighten out the pews and church after weekend Masses.
  • The schedule coordinator prepares and prints the monthly schedule for liturgical ministers.