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St. Theresa of Lisieux
Adoration Chapel
Chapel Hours: 7am - 7pm
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Divine Mercy Sunday

Divine Mercy
Jesus, I trust in you
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He is Risen

Jesus Has Risen
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A Word From Our Pastor

“The Spirit drove Him out into the desert,

and He remained in the desert for forty days,

tempted by Satan.” (Mk1:12-13)


This Gospel from St. Mark always gets my mind spinning. I just cannot imagine why Jesus would allow Himself to be put under such a grueling test. I admire Him greatly for His fortitude in wanting to face Satan head on. How great His love for us must be. In some ways it reminds me of the great heroes we have today in the medical professions who courageously face the Covid virus head on, because of their love and dedication for people who are suffering. In these experiences in life, we must all go into the desert at times and think about those who suffer or those who are taken for granted, by putting ourselves on the line to connect or re-connect with them. That is what our profession of faith calls us to do: to put ourselves on the line for others. We pray this profession of faith every Sunday at Mass. Lent is a time of the year during which we are called to make sacrifices for others. Yet sometimes we may feel that we may not have the endurance nor fortitude to live up to this challenge. Then we try to strengthen our weak knees by giving up certain things that we like, such as giving up watching certain television programs, or eating less at meals, or donating time and treasure to our church or community. These sacrifices are not to be done for our own benefit or glorification (e.g., thinking to ourselves, “Look at me; I didn’t watch any of my favorite programs for 40 days!”). These small sacrifices are to be done to strengthen our spirits, so that we can now do the greater sacrifices: more kindness, forgiving, and charitable to others. When I feel like I’ve been left alone with difficulties and struggles, I think of today’s Gospel. I think of the Holy Spirit literally “driving” Jesus into the desert in a big Thunderbird convertible. The car stops and Jesus gets out. He stands alone as the Holy Spirit roars away in a cloud of dust. Jesus spent 40 days without human contact. On top of the hunger and loneliness, He was tempted by Satan himself. Once, twice, and a third time --- for good measure. Jesus knows how it feels to be alone and burdened. When everything falls on your shoulders, think of Jesus walking alone in the desert. Let Him walk with you.                                                                                                                                          ~ Fr. John


Friar John Bavaro, O.F.M.

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