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One of the most beautiful things to behold in life is a young person looking up to an elder to seek their wisdom and guidance. There is a certain awe and respect that reflects in that moment, as you can just picture that youthful face just drinking in the knowledge that is so precious. I remember that we as children did that with my grandparents. They told us stories of what life was like for them while growing up in the old country; how though they had very little in terms of material possessions, they felt they had great wealth by just being part of a loving family. We have certainly lost that in our world today. Elders are no longer sought after; their hard-earned wisdom is treated as insignificant; and they themselves are cast aside treated like they are no more use for society. In today’s readings it is quite the opposite. In the first reading the young Samuel, only eleven years old, hears a voice as he awakens from sleep. He thinks it is the elder Eli who is calling him. It is not. So, the wise old man tells Samuel to go back to sleep, but the youngster hears a voice again and confuses it with Eli’s, the elder. After this happening, a few more times, Eli realizes that it is God who is calling the young Samuel, and that Samuel needs help to discern who it is that is really calling him. After Samuel listens respectfully to his elder his confusion is cleared up. He understands it is God speaking to him. St. Paul does the same for the young Corinthians in the 2nd reading, as he helps them refrain from immorality. Finally, our Lord Jesus, though not old in years, is an elder by wisdom as He helps His disciples discern the call to follow Him. What can we learn from these stories in the Bible? We can learn that we need the wisdom of our older brothers and sisters, our parents, grandparents, and godparents. These elders know what life is all about. They know that the most important things worth defending are God, family, and country. It is too bad that the people who attacked our U.S. Capitol building this past week had no one to teach them this truth. It is unfortunate that they didn’t know that their violence and hatred were unwise. In fact, it was downright disrespectful and dangerous. Where were the elders to advise them? Or better still, was it that these young people thought that they knew it all on their own, thinking that their actions were “patriotic” when in fact they were evil and hateful? We have much to learn yet in our country. Let there be peace on earth!!!!           ~ Fr. John

Response to civil unrest 1-8-2021

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