A Word From Our Pastor

I enjoy the story of the priest who went to speak to the 1st grade children about the life of a priest, and how they someday might think of becoming one.  A little boy raised his hand and said, “I want to become a priest.” He said it so confidently. The priest was amazed and asked the boy: “Do you feel the Holy Spirit in your heart calling you to be a priest?” The little boy said “No!” “Well then,” continued the priest, “Do you like going to Church?” Again, the answer was, “No!” The little boy shot back with this reason for wanting to be a priest: “I don’t want to be married because I don’t want anyone telling me what to do.” Well, funny as this is, I would never let that little boy enter seminary. He doesn’t realize that to be a good priest, you have to have the qualities of being a good married person and father as well. You can’t “run away” from one vocation by escaping into another. Then there is the story of the little girl who was speaking with her aunt who was a nun. The good Sister happened to have a dog as a pet.  Her little niece says to her aunt the nun: “Thank God you have a dog to love, or nobody else would love you!”  Again, as concerned as the little girl was for her aunt to have love, she too had the wrong idea of being a religious sister. To be a happy and holy sister you have to love a lot of people. As good as pets are, you can’t rely only on a pet to do God’s work! The point in these two little stories is that if you can’t love or be loved by others, you can’t be happy at being anything - a married person, a priest, a nun, a single person.  If you look at today’s Scriptures the whole issue of loving others and letting others love you is what makes a person a child of God.  Nothing more, nothing less. This teaching of learning how to love is so important that it constitutes the main requirement for entering eternal life.  I always think of St. Blessed Mother Teresa’s statement, “When we arrive at the gate of heaven, the Lord is going to ask us one question to judge whether or not we may enter.  Who did you bring with you?”         ~ Fr. John


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