A Word From Our Pastor

Everybody likes to be recognized. Have you ever been at a class reunion? It’s usually many years since we’ve last been together with our classmates from high school or college. And we might be feeling a little nervous while attending that reunion, wondering: will anyone remember me? Have I changed so much that they might walk right by me? Will they recognize me? Then all of a sudden we hear someone call out: “Hey, Peter, Mary, Joseph, Catherine!!! It’s you! You haven’t changed a bit!” And all our fears melt away.  The truth is, the years do in fact change how we look. We can’t deny it. People are usually polite but maybe not too honest about how we look. So how is it people still remember us if not by how we look?  Isn’t it because we’ve made a significant impact on them while we knew them and they us? For example, we may have helped a classmate get through a difficult lesson in class by studying with him; or we may have helped a friend get through a difficult family problem by being there for him; or perhaps, we were always kind and considerate to others, by making them part of our family by inviting them to our home for dinner? The point I am making is clear: everybody likes to be recognized, to be remembered for their goodness and kindness. In today’s Gospel St. John the Baptist recognizes Jesus for who He truly is: the Messiah! He knows how much Jesus has changed his life for the good; and Jesus in turn teaches John how loved he is by God and how important in fulfilling God’s work!! We always recognize people who have touched our lives. And God always recognizes the good that we do, even when we don’t think we did much. Let someone know how much they mean to you; help them to see how much you recognize their importance in your life. This is truly God’s work!!                                                                  ~ Fr. John

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