A Word From Our Pastor

November is certainly a busy month. It’s only half over and we’ve already celebrated All Saints and All Souls, had our annual Memorial mass, and honored our veterans. And just ahead of us are our Interfaith Thanksgiving Prayer Service, the distribution of Thanksgiving baskets to food pantry guests, and then our annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner for anyone who would like to join us on the holiday! Wow! I noticed that our parish has a tremendous amount of energy and love in celebrating family and fellowship during this busy time.  What can so easily happen is to fall into a spirit of being so busy that we forget WHY we are doing all these good things. We do them for the Lord; to show our gratitude for the many gifts we have been given. And the only way we can develop this spirit of gratitude is to take time each day to sit quietly and enter within ourselves to rest with God and let God refresh us.  We all can have the Divine strength, love, and care present within us whenever we ask for it. But we so easily forget God’s presence within us because we live in a culture of so much business. So as we start to enter into the holiday and holy day seasons, let’s make some changes in the way we use the days ahead.  How about starting each morning with prayer; how about more frequent attendance at the Eucharist; how about a visit or two to the Adoration Chapel; how about visiting or calling someone whom we have neglected to wish them well; how about ending the day with prayer as well?  In St. Luke’s Gospel, Jesus reminds us that there are many things that happen in our world which try to take our attention away from our faith and make us anxious and fearful. He always admonished us to persevere in prayer and service to secure our faith: “Behold, the Kingdom of God is among you.” In other words, God is ever so present among us.  We need to rest to experience the healing presence and refreshment God brings us. So as we approach the Feast of Christ the King next Sunday and then Advent two weeks from now, let us re-dedicate ourselves to prayer and a true spirit of thanksgiving. May God teach us how to rest in His Holy Spirit!  ~ Fr. John


"Dear friends, in this month of November, we are invited 
to pray for the dead.  Let us entrust our family members,
friends and acquaintances to God, especially in the  
Eucharist, feeling them close to us in the spiritual
company of the Church.

~ Pope Francis    




We are blessed to have an outstanding result for our Fall Festival last week an estimated total of $16,632.66.  Wow!!  I want to thank the Fall Festival Committee and all who volunteered and participated to help make this event such a great success. The proceeds will go to the refurbishing and repainting of our Church steeple.~ Fr. John

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