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Blessed Sacrament Parish is a
Catholic faith community.
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St. Theresa of Lisieux
Adoration Chapel
Chapel Hours: 7am - 7pm
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Divine Mercy Sunday

Divine Mercy
Jesus, I trust in you
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He is Risen

Jesus Has Risen
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A Word From Our Pastor

It is truly amazing when someone that we have known and seen for a long time gets a complete “make-over.” A make-over can consist of many treatments which allows the person to regain a youthful appearance, having their beauty enhanced by a new hair style, a facial massage, new wardrobe, and on and on. What is more interesting is to see the reaction of the ones who gave the person the gift, family and friends, to this “made-over” person. They are totally surprised if not completely startled by this “new person” standing with a radiant smile in front of them. It’s almost as if they never met this person, because they became so used to the “old model” and forgot to notice all the hidden attributes and beauty that were there. In today’s powerful Gospel we hear about Jesus’ “make-over” to now living in His risen body! Two of His disciples walking on the road see Him and do not recognize Him. In fact, they were terrified and thought they were seeing a ghost! But Jesus is understanding and patiently invites them to touch His new risen body, His hands and His feet, and invites them to feel the bones and flesh!!! The disciples begin to recognize Him because of His patience and gentleness (“Peace be with you”). Their terror turns to tremendous joy!! As a reward for their faith and trust in Him, Jesus goes a step further. He asks them, “Have you anything to eat?” They gave Him piece of baked fish; He took it and ate it in front of them. What does this all mean for us? We often have weak faith. We do not recognize Jesus who has flesh and bones: in the Eucharist, in the scripture, and in our neighbor. Yet He is alive among us all the time!! He does have a risen body!! And we are destined to have a risen body too!! Next time you are at mass, be on the lookout for Him: He longs to be seen and touched by you!! Alleluia He is risen! He is risen indeed!!!           ~ Fr. John


Living the Faith:  "By receiving forgiveness in the Sacrament of
Reconcilliation, that is the heart of our process of conversion, we
spread forgiveness.  Having received forgiveness, we can offer it
through attentive dialogue and giving comfort to those experiencing
sorrow and pain."

~ Pope Francis




Friar John Bavaro, O.F.M.

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Response to civil unrest 1-8-2021