A Word From Our Pastor

Did you ever wonder if God has emotions? If we look at this weekend’s Scripture readings, He most certainly does! The 1st reading from Exodus ends with God saying: “I am compassionate.” And in the Gospel, when Jesus is asked by the Pharisees “Which commandment in the law is greatest?” Jesus responded: “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart and with all your mind. …and the second is like it; you shall love your neighbor as yourself!” God has feelings for people. And He has feelings when we do not have feelings for our neighbor. During our present time, we are extremely aware of who is our neighbor. They are the poor: immigrants who are looking for a place of safety, and those being discriminated against in all the ways we see it played out in our society. St. Oscar Romero once said in a homily: “My soul is sore when I learn that our people are tortured, when I learn how the rights of those created in the image of God are violated.” We Christians are living in a world where there is little feeling expressed for the downtrodden. Sometimes we even close our eyes to what is going on, wishing that these human violations will just go away. But God expects us to do something. At Blessed Sacrament, we are doing something as a community. We welcome the stranger and the poor every single day; your spirit of welcome carries the hopes and dreams of these people very far. Your prayers for them are extremely important. Wouldn’t it be great if we can start thinking as God thinks and be able to say with God: “I am compassionate.” Jesus affirms that love of God and love of our neighbor are essential to life. Let our prayer this day to our Lord be: “God, remind me often - Who are my neighbors? How do I treat my neighbors?” Let us pray:

God of Light, shine on us;

God of Peace, dwell in us;

God of Might, protect us;

God of Wisdom, enlighten us.                                                  

Let us go out as your witnesses

To share the good news of your love, Amen.

                                                                                        ~ Fr. John







Living the Faith:  "I invite you again to take the Rosary and lift up your 
gaze to Our Lady, sign of consolation and sure hope.  May we confidently
recite the Rosary every day.  It is a weapon that protects us from evil and

~ Pope Francis



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