A Word From Our Pastor

Psalm 117 today tells us to go out to all the world and tell the Good News, ”For steadfast is his kindness toward us…” God shows to each one of us acts of kindness every single day.  But as the Letter to Hebrews tells us, we need discipline to be able to see these acts, which we most often miss. What “acts of kindness” am I talking about?  Some examples: the look of gratitude on an immigrant’s face as our welcome has assured safety for his family; the enthusiastic “lick of love” given by our friendly puppy as we return home from a hard day’s work; the innocent wave of a child to us at Mass; the surprising green traffic light that keeps us being on time for an appointment; the beauty of the first flower after a long winter; that special e-mail from a friend with words of greeting just when we needed  a lift. These and so many other hidden acts of kindness throughout the day are God’s way of staying in touch with us, reminding us that He cares for us very much and will not leave us alone. How can we find these hidden acts of kindness from God?  Only through the discipline of prayer, so tells us the author of the letter to Hebrews. The discipline of prayerful practice is essential for our spiritual lives and mental health. I know some wonderful people who have been praying morning through evening, asking God for protection and for world peace amidst so much violence.  Instead of cowering in fear with all the news being heard of gun shootings, many people decided to pray to make our world a better place. Because of so much prayer, a number of people reported how peaceful they felt. Through practicing the discipline of prayer, many of their stresses were diminished. We learn once again the power of prayer as a faith community. At least three people from our parish that we prayed for at Mass over the weekend contacted me to tell me they felt healed of the ailments that they had!!  Who can deny the power of prayer, and the kindness that God reveals to us all the time?  So my dear parishioners, let’s keep at it and continue our discipline of prayerful practice for the good Lord wants to heal all suffering and distress. He especially wants to heal our country of the causes of gun shootings.  And let us always be willing to become aware of acts of kindness that are there all the time, if we can only see!!!                ~ Fr. John 

May the Lord open our hearts to the needs
of the poor, the defenseless those who knock
on our door to be recognized as a person." 
    ~ Pope Francis 




Fall Festival thought for the week:

Who wouldn’t want to win $1,000?!? One of the biggest ways to help our Fall Festival is to sell tickets for our Super Money Raffle. Grand Prize is $1,000,  2nd & 3rd prizes are $250. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. Selling to your neighbors, friends and co-workers not only helps raise money, but, it also helps to advertise the Fall Festival/Penny sale. 

Tickets are available in the back of the church. Thank you for your help and supporting this parish fundraiser.


Saturday, November 2, 2019 9am‐6pm

  Donations  for  the  Penny  Sale  and  Craft  Tables  are  now  being  accepted.  Items  may  be  brought  to  the  parish  office  or  left  in  the  back  of  the  church  labeled  “Penny  Sale”  or  “Craft  Table”.  Thank  you for your support. 

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