A Word From Our Pastor

Have you ever been in a difficult situation and felt quite alone and isolated? Maybe it was difficult to talk to anybody, even those closest to you because you thought that no one would understand your fears.   Then all of a sudden, someone came along, someone you least expected, and shared a smile or kind word that gave you a ray of light in the midst of your darkness. You can be sure that God is the one who sends that unexpected visitor as your ray of light.  I remember that I was unexpectedly chosen by God to be a ray of light to someone in deep distress. This was a patient who needed emergency surgery but was frightened out of her mind.  She was afraid that if she had the anesthesia, she would never wake up again!  Yet she needed the surgery to survive. I, as the chaplain, just happened to be walking by which caught her attention.  She said to the surgeon that the only way she would undergo the surgery was if the chaplain (me!) held her hand during the procedure. Though an unusual request, the doctor agreed to it.  I gowned up with the surgeon and his assistants and held the woman’s hand while praying for her throughout the procedure.  Thank goodness, all went well. The point of this story is that I never expected to do this, nor did the surgeon ever expect to have me present, nor did the patient ever expect me to be “just walking by.”  You see, God does this all the time: he uses people to be rays of light to help one another when we least expect it. In today’s Gospel about the Transfiguration, Jesus gives the 3 disciples Peter, James and John, a powerful ray of light when they most needed it.  For they were faint-hearted and discouraged about the fate of Jesus and their own future!  He kept teaching them about His final journey to the cross.  And they knew that if they chose to remain with Him, they would have crosses to bear as well. From their viewpoint, this didn’t seem like a very hopeful future.  So Jesus knew that they needed a ray of light to take them out of their doldrums and give them hope!  He showed them two prophets from the past, Moses and Elijah, who appeared in their glory to witness to them how God’s light always conquers darkness.  For they were proof that life conquers death.  And now Jesus was showing the three a “preview of coming attractions”: His Transfiguration! This Sunday God has sent 32 “rays of light” to us at Blessed Sacrament Parish. These children will be making their Confirmation, a sign of the strengthening of their faith in the Holy Spirit. May the light of their faces shine brightly and give each of us hope in all the wonderful things that God has in store for those who believe!   ~ Fr. John 

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