A Word From Our Pastor

Did you hear the story about the minister who was teaching his students about doing God’s Will? It was the beginning of Lent, and the minister wanted to give his students something to think about during this holy season.  He entitled his class: “Failing our way to God’s Plan A.” His point was that any new venture into uncharted territory will undoubtedly result in lots of trials and errors, mistakes and missteps along the way.   He continued saying our “Plan A” is never God’s “Plan A.”  And we only get to God’s Plan A when our plans A, B, and C fail!  And then he said:  “So, you need to fail as soon as you can, so we can learn as quickly as possible.” Now this minister was not saying that we shouldn’t plan things out, nor should we do our work sloppily.  But he was giving his students a very wise Lenten message:  that whatever we choose to do in life, we should first pray and listen to what God has in mind for us.  And in the long run, His plan is the better one for us, because it will lead us to the happiness and holiness that He planned for us. Lent is a great time to slow down and listen.  As you know I had a medical procedure this past Tuesday which caused me to slow down (great way to begin Lent!). Thank God everything went well, but when I begin to think about this, I realize that I need to slow down and listen more to what God wants in my life (God’s Plan A).   God tries in so many different ways to get our attention: He needed to get my attention to remind me that I am blessed with wonderful staff and parishioners who offer prayers and support every single day. And that they are here for leading the parish with me, and I need not worry about having to do it myself.  So I am beginning this Lent by following the good minister’s advice. I am “failing my way to God’s Plan A.”   May we all learn each day to let go of our own plans once in a while, and see what God has in store for us. Believe me; His Plan A is much better than our Plan A, B, C.  Happy Lent!   

                                                                                                                                                                                  ~ Fr. John


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 Franciscans Stand with our Refugee Brothers ans Sisters

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