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One of the everyday miracles that never cease to amaze me is how quickly children grow. For example, when I greet a family after Mass on Sunday which has more than one young child, I sometimes confuse the older one for the younger one.  The reason is that they grow in spurts, and I just cannot keep up with which child is in what order!  I better understand why my mother would sometimes confuse the names of us her children; she just couldn’t always keep up with the fast growth of everyone!  In today’s Gospel Jesus applies this idea of fast growth from something small to something very large using an image from nature: the mustard seed.  It is a tiny yellow seed which when you first see it is almost too small to notice.  Then in quick spurts of growth it eventually becomes the largest of plants and puts forth such large branches so that birds of the sky can dwell in its shade!  Wow!  What an image Jesus uses to describe how our spiritual life should be growing.  Our faith life starts off like a “tender shoot” that is planted through our baptism.  But then it is up to us nurture our plant by sowing seeds of love and compassion through our everyday actions. God uses these actions (seeds) to help our faith to grow and develop. The seeds or good actions may seem small to us, even insignificant.  But God waters them with His grace thus helping them to grow into something magnificent.  Just to give you an example from my own life, the other day I received a surprise phone call from a young man named Eddie from my previous parish.  Eddie was in a wheel chair from birth.  He was loved by his parents and family as well as by all the parishioners and lived the normal life of a teenager.  We became good friends as I always admired his optimistic spirit.  I and the other priest would with great affection greet our friend as “Steady Eddie” which he loved.  So when Eddie called me the other day, 12 years since I had last seen him, he remembered the affection we shared just through a simple greeting said in friendship and admiration.  And he was happy to hear me address him as “Steady Eddie” once again. This “little seed” that was planted into Eddie’s heart by God who used me as the vehicle for His love made all the difference in the world for one young man –!!   ~ Fr. John

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