A Word From Our Pastor

“I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.  (Philippians 4:13)”

Have you ever thought about what Real Strength looks like? We live in an age in which everyone is conscious of maintaining their strength.  We exercise our bodies and watch what we eat to maintain our physical strength.  We try to involve ourselves in wholesome activities and hobbies, to lessen stress and thus maintain our emotional strength.  We work hard most of our lives and build our savings and investments to secure financial strength.   But what about our need for spiritual strength? We do not think about this kind of strength very much, yet St. Paul reminds us in today’s 2nd reading that God wants us to maintain our spiritual strength as well. In fact, many wise people believe that this is the only form of strength that is real and lasting. Many of our senior brothers and sisters can tell us that all the other forms of strength eventually all weaken with the years. The physical strength we had as youth gives way to the weakening effects of age. Our emotional strength lessens as our circle of family and friends often grows smaller, as we find ourselves lonely and isolated at times. Our financial strength has a way of being depleted, as there seems to be so many agencies that are ever so eager to take our hard-earned savings in order to “take care of us.” When many of these things happen in life, we begin to realize that the only strength that truly lasts is God’s presence in our lives. It is not at all uncommon to see the elderly embrace the strength that comes from prayer, from being still, and from having the need to hold fast to God. I know and admire a person who because of failing health fears not being able to come to church each week for Mass. She doesn’t fear losing her health nor money nor her present life-style, as much as losing her spiritual family at church.  What a beautiful example of wanting to maintain her spiritual strength! In today’s Gospel about the wedding feast, the man who shows up improperly attired has the wrong attitude about the joy and respect one should have for a wedding. His attitude is one of smugness, indifference and insincerity. He really doesn’t care about the bridal couple or their parents who run the feast. So too, we must be careful not to have the wrong attitude about what Real Strength looks like, and  from where it comes! Our only real strength comes from the presence of God!                    ~ Fr. John


Pope Francis

                    "Are you angry with someone?  Pray for that person. 

                 That is what Christian love is."         ~ Pope Francis  



Franciscans Stand with our Refugee Brothers and Sisters

 Franciscans Stand with our Refugee Brothers ans Sisters

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Date : October 04, 2017

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