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There is a television commercial about buying insurance that at first glance seems rather silly, but does illustrate how God helps us to get through the “maze” of life’s challenges. In the commercial you see a worried couple who are so anxious and uncertain about buying life insurance, because they fear they won’t understand all of the requirements which are written in small print.  When they see a real-life maze in front of them which is a symbol of their feelings: overwhelmed with fear, they can’t move!  Who will help them plow through this big obstacle to their security and happiness?  All of a sudden, a very friendly agent from this particular insurance agency appears and comes to their rescue.  She assures them that this policy is safe and strong, and they should trust it.  To prove her point, she gets into the driver’s seat of a tractor and invites them to join her for her attack of the maze.  With great confidence she plows the tractor with ease and cuts down all the thick buses and hedges. They make it through so easily, and the couple feels reassured!   Often our spiritual lives go through times of feeling overwhelmed and afraid.  We worry about what the future will hold, what the present will bring.  And if there are signs that things are not going well, e.g., sickness, disappointment, lack of funds, no housing, being misunderstood, we also wonder who is there to help rescue us?  Advent teaches us to hope and have courage because “light has shone in great darkness.” And this guiding light is the person of Jesus Christ himself. When we have the courage of getting into the “tractor” (into our plans, our goals, our activities, the “hopes and fears of all the years”) and allowing Him to drive through the maze, we become a-mazed how Jesus overcomes these problems with ease.  Isaiah, in today’s reading of this 2nd Sunday of Advent, says “Make straight in the wasteland the highway for our God: the rugged land shall be made a plain!” With trust and hope in the Lord we can level the ground and plow through the maze for life’s most important journeys.  What journey are you on today?  The roads may never be smooth, but Advent teaches us that God is with us all the way, and through Jesus He will lead the way for us!     ~ Fr. John



Pope Francis

"Faith becomes tangible when
 it finds its expession in love, and
 especially in the service of our
 brothers and sisters in difficulty."

~ Pope Francis



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 Franciscans Stand with our Refugee Brothers ans Sisters

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