A Word From Our Pastor

St. Francis of Assisi saw God’s love as a humble love.  He saw that at Christmas when Jesus came as an infant in order to show God’s humble love to us. Then St. Bonaventure, another Franciscan, wrote about this humble love by saying that: “The eternal God has humbly bent down and lifted the dust of our nature into unity with himself.” What a powerful image: God humbly bends down to lift us up!  God bends over in love to embrace us! This idea of “bending down” or “bending over” reminds me of the days when I took care of my niece Danielle when she was just a baby. I recall moments when I would see her lying in her oversized crib - a tiny creature with hands and feet waving in the air, totally helpless. I would bend down into the crib and lift her high up in the air and she would smile uncontrollably, as only an infant can. The humility of God is something like a baby in the crib. God is one who lies quietly in the crib of the universe, waiting for us to lift Him up to show the world.  He is also the strong one who can raise up a fragile human being and draw that person into the embrace of His infinite love. God is most high and most humble.  As we celebrate the Holy Triduum and hear the scripture, we see both these sides of God: the one who bends down to lift us up, and the one who offers himself to be lifted up by us. We see this during Easter by the actions of Jesus, and by the way He shares with His disciples: first, Jesus shows himself as the most high God, as He lifts up the disciples by changing the bread and wine into His body and blood, giving them & us the Eucharist. Then He makes them priests. These are handed onto us as our sacramental signs of His eternal presence! Afterwards, Jesus also shows Himself as the most humble God, as He bends down low to wash the feet of His disciples, instructing them to do the same for each other.  He teaches us that when we wash the feet of one another as a symbol of our loving service, we share in His saving grace.  As we begin this Easter season, what will our response be to Jesus? Will we accept Him yes, as our Savior on high, but also as our humble God, who loves us and bends down to wherever we are in our lives – to lift the dust off of our souls? Or will we be like Peter, stubborn and resistant: “You will never wash my feet!”?   ~ Fr. John


Joe Bennett will be turning 101 years old on Friday, April 26th!!!  Many of you remember Joe, he was a long time usher at the 4pm Mass until he retired a few years ago to the NH Veterans Home.  Joe receives the bulletin every week and still supports the parish.  We are part of his family.  He would be happy to be remembered in your thoughts & prayers.  He would be so surprised to receive a card from his fellow parishioners. He would especially love a visit for those who are able to travel.  Here’s his address:

Joseph Bennett
New Hampshire Veterans Home
139 Winter St.
Tilton, NH 03276-5415


In the Eucharist you really meet Jesus,
share His life, feel His love; there you
experience that His death and
resurrection are for you. ”     

~ Pope Francis 



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