A Word From Our Pastor

I feel very grateful that God blessed me with wise parents. Their wisdom was expressed by the way that they treated people: with respect and kindness. Mom was a kindergarten teacher for many years.  She taught as many as 65 children in one class. When asked how could she keep everything under control and teach so many youngsters, she said: “I just use my mothering skills!” And when dad worked as an insurance salesman to Italian immigrants, he would win their trust by patiently explaining to them why having insurance was so very important in this new country.  Often he would collect only a nickel from his customers but that didn’t matter; what mostly mattered was his desire to help them out.  Neither of my parents were able to obtain a “higher” education. However I believe they had a superior education, in that they were gifted by God with wisdom. God’s wisdom came from their life experience of growing up in poor families filled with much love. I always pray that I may have ½ their wisdom for my work as a Franciscan.  In today’s scripture readings wisdom is highly praised: “All good things together came to me in her (wisdom’s) company and countless riches at her hands” (Wisdom, 7).  Jesus invites the young wealthy man in the Gospel who is missing something in life to embrace wisdom. He tells him to do the one thing that would make him happy: “…go, sell what you have, and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven…” (Mark, 10).  But the young man can’t do it; he has too many possessions that he is afraid of sharing, so he walks away from Jesus and maintains his sadness.  This story teaches us that the opposite of wisdom is not “foolishness;” it is sadness! When we are unable to share or even sometimes let go of those things that we prize the most, we may be “rich” but we are also sad!  The only way to happiness is to follow Jesus’ teaching on wisdom. So how can we share our wealth?  Listen to St. Gregory’s advice, because it is so practical: “If you are healthy and rich, alleviate the need of the one who is sick and poor; if you have not fallen into sin, help the one who has fallen and lives in suffering; if you are happy, console the one who is sad; if you are fortunate, help the one who has been bitten by misfortune.” And may the good Lord continue to shine His gift of wisdom on all of us who seek to do His holy will!             ~ Fr. John 



Pope Francis

Praying is not like using a magic wand.
Prayer requires commitment, constancy
and determination

~ Pope Francis



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