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Pretty soon people will be working in their gardens, pruning and weeding so that their plants will bear good fruit.  That is why springtime is so much looked forward to, for we await the good fruits of the earth to blossom.  Our spiritual life in Christ is a life of pruning and weeding as well.  During Lent we open ourselves to God who “prunes” us to bear more fruit: compassion, love, forgiveness and kindness.  One of the fruits that are essential to Christian life is “mellowness of heart.”  Mellowness is not softness, in terms of weakness or cowardice.  It is the quality of mercy that our Holy Father Pope Francis calls the “Face of God.” Our Holy Father teaches us that God’s face is very merciful which is why He looks so mellow in the many depictions and statues we see.  Mellowness also means that He is kind, patient, understanding, and unconditional in His love for us.  We must try to develop that same mellowness on our faces, in our love and mercy shown toward others. To give an example of how we can be mellow, I will never forget the story shared a few years ago at one of our faith formation gatherings. A parishioner shared a memory of her family when she was a child sitting at the dinner table with her parents and four brothers.  Her mother would have the family place one plate on the table without anybody sitting there. Then she would distribute the family dinner equally to all five children and put an equal amount of food on the empty plate on the table where nobody sat. After supper was over, the family would take that plate to a widower who lived down the corridor.  He had just lost his wife and lived alone. This caring family would deliver that extra plate of food to him for his supper, so that he would know that he was not forgotten.  What a witness to our risen savior who said in today’s Gospel: “Touch my wounded hands and feet; see that I am alive and real!” What a beautiful witness to what Jesus calls us to do: to show our mercy, our mellowness, by loving one another in concrete, practical ways. We may think that being a Christian means praying to Jesus, going to church, and working to change society only.  However, without including “mellowness of heart” which means showing God’s mercy on our faces, our Christian life will be incomplete. Let’s let God continue to prune our hearts this Easter to take away the weeds and bad growth and replace it with new flowers!!         ~ Fr. John






Pope Francis

The Word of God is a light in the darkness: 
it helps us face our difficulties without fear. "

~ Pope Francis



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