A Word From Our Pastor

When we go up to receive Holy Communion it is so clear to see that all distinctions between rich and poor, famous and ordinary, are done away with. We all walk up together in the same line which is a powerful witness to the fact that the Church is made up of equals among equals – this is what the Eucharist is all about. This very fact is what first drew Dorothy Day to Christianity. She noticed that, at the Eucharist, the rich and the poor knelt side by side, all equal at that moment.  I am so moved by our own parish which gives witness to this truth as well.  How wonderful it is that our name, Blessed Sacrament, makes us ponder the power and beauty of the Body & Blood of Christ.  Yet we don’t stop at words, in reality we welcome all people in need, no matter religion, race, ethnicity, economic status, or creed. It is a reminder to us that when we leave Mass, we must continue to heed the words of the priest: “Go the Mass is ended; let us serve the Lord and all in need.” We are being sent to bring justice, love and peace to the people we interact with. Again, at Blessed Sacrament we take this mandate seriously because we reach out to the poor and needy among us; always treating them as equals.  It is unfortunate that some Catholics, even some here at our church, leave the Mass before it is over. These unfortunate people do not get to hear the words of the priest “The mass is ended; go to help and serve the Lord and one another.” No wonder they see their faith as only needing to go to church, say prayers, and just have a private relationship with Jesus.  But that is not true Christian discipleship; that is not what Jesus calls us to do. Being a Christian and attending Mass means we also believe in doing social justice as well.  It is one of the main obligations of being a Catholic. In the New Testament of the Bible, every tenth line is a direct challenge to reach out to the poor. In Luke’s Gospel, we find this in every sixth line.  In the Epistle of James, this occurs in every fifth line. Each of us might ask ourselves: “How might I share myself more with those in need?”  “Who are the poor and neglected around me that can use my help?”  “How can I be bread for others, as Jesus is bread for me?”   ~ Fr. John

Jesus became bread broken for us, and He asks
us to give ourselves to others, no longer to live
for ourselves, but for one another.”     

~ Pope Francis 



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