Blessed Sacrament Parish

14 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03103, 603-622-5445

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A Word from our Pastor PDF Print E-mail

There are many stories at Christmas in the bible that are our favorite. Everyone loves the one about the shepherds keeping watch in the night! What were they looking for?  The light, from the star of Bethlehem.  We are just like the shepherds. We are constantly looking for some kind of light, for something to brighten our darkness in life.  Whether it’s family, friends, enjoying the good things in life, we are vigilant alongside the shepherds who were seeking the same light for themselves. But if you pay attention to the wording of the Gospels, St. John for example says that a light shone in the darkness.  He did not say the light shone into the darkness.  In other words, the light is in us, in our darkness; it doesn’t come from the outside.  The light is what we choose to live by that is the Christ within us, and this dispels the darkness of sin that is within us as well.

Let me tell you a story from Fr. Ronald Rolheiser who uses the Buddhists as an example.  They have an axiom which says that we don’t see what’s outside of us, but we see what’s inside of us and project it outside. Here is the story that illustrates this: An out-of-shape Buddha was sitting under a tree one day. An arrogant young man walked by, saw him and said: “You look like an ugly pig!” The Buddha looked up at the young man and said: “And you look like God!” Surprised, the young man asked him:  “Why do you say that I look like God?” The Buddha replied: “You see, we don’t see what’s outside us, we see what’s inside and project it outwards.  I sit here all day and think about God and when I look out, that’s what I see. You, on the other hand, must be thinking about something else!”

The point is clear: Christmas speaks of childlikeness, wonder, innocence, joy, love, forgiveness, family, community, and giving when we are in touch with these qualities within us, we more easily see what’s special inside of other people. These make light shine in the darkness.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and may the light of Jesus Christ help you to see all of His love and goodness in the world around us!       ~ Fr. John

Christmas Mass Schedule PDF Print E-mail

Christmas Mass Schedule

Wednesday, December 24: 4pm and Midnight

Thursday, December 25: 7am & 10:30am

Solemnity of Mary, Holy Mother of God (Holy Day of Obligation)

Wednesday, December 31: 6pm

Thursday, January 1: 9am


The Parish Office will be closed December 24, 25 & 26.

Christmas Flowers PDF Print E-mail

Envelopes are available in the back of the Church if you would like to contribute to the Christmas flowers in memory or honor of a loved one.  Please print clearly and names will be listed in the bulletin after Christmas.

Calling all Shepards and Angels PDF Print E-mail

Calling all Shepherds and Angels!  If your child would like to participate in the Christmas procession at the 4pm Christmas Eve mass, please call Martha Donohue at 627-4868.  Children will meet in the hall prior to Mass to be dressed.

Donations PDF Print E-mail

We are having a problem with people dropping off donated items. Please note: We ONLY accept in-season (fall/winter) CHILDREN’S CLOTHING. We do not accept household items, furniture, books, games or adult clothes (except warm goods collected at Christmas). Donations of clothing should be made during office hours, M-F, 9am-5pm. Items left in front of St. Anne’s Closet or the garage doors will be placed in the trash. Clothing should not be left outside of the closet. Bugs, insects and rodents can get into the bags and then contaminate the closet.  If you would like to donate the other items, please visit St. Vincent de Paul, Goodwill, Savers or Family in Transition. They will take all the other items.


Mass Schedule

Mass Schedule
Monday & Tuesday, Thursday & Friday    

8:30 a.m.
Saturday Vigil        
4:00 p.m.
7:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

Holy Days
Vigil Mass

6:00 p.m.
Holy Day Mass
8:30 a.m.

Saturday (Church)
3:00 p.m. 

Sacramental Programs   
Marriage:  Arrangements need to be made at least six months in advance.  Call for an appointment.

Baptism:  Is celebrated the last Sunday of each month.  Call to make arrangements.

Bulletins and Inserts
Click Here for latest bulletin

Christmas Outreach Opportunites

Ministry Schedule

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Click Here for December Page 2

Coming Events

Sunday, December 21

* Religious Education, 9am, Church Hall

* RCIA, 9:15am, Friary basement

Monday, December 22                      

* Spirits Alive! 6:30pm, Our Lady Of Mercy House

Tuesday, December 23                                      

* Devotion to St. Anthony following Mass

Wednesday, December 24

* St. Anne’s Closet, Closed Today

* Food Pantry, 1-3pm, Closed Today

* NO Parish Nurse today

Thursday, December 25

* NO Prayer Shawl Ministry today

* NO Cub Scouts tonight

Sunday, December 28

* NO Religious Education classes today

* NO RCIA classes today

* Secular Franciscans, 1-3pm, Church Hall

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Please access our bulletins from previous Sundays. They contain important temporal information about our church, not necessarily available on this web site.

New Roman Missal

Changes are coming this fall with the new Roman Missal. In order to prepare for the changes, each week we will be including a handout in the bulletin to help explain these changes. Also, Fr. John and Br. Charles will also give us updates from the pulpit.

Mission Statement

Blessed Sacrament Parish is a Roman Catholic Faith Community.  We gather in Eucharistic celebration and prayer, living and sharing the gospel with faith, hope and love.  As disciples of Jesus Christ, we place ourselves at the service of all.